Torque Wrench

APPLICATION Automobile Industries, Heavy Engineering, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Aeronautics & Defence Organization, etc.

Torque Multiplier
A torque multiplier is specially designed to increases the torque that can be applied by an operator. Because the power output cannot exceed the power input, the number of output revolutions will be lower than the number of input revolutions (Torque x rpm = Power)

Torque multipliers incorporate an 'epicyclic' or 'planetary' gear train includes of one or more stages. Each stage of gearing increases the torque applied by a factor of 5.

In the planetary gear system, torque is applied to the input gear or 'sun' gear. Three or four planet gears whose teeth are engaged with the sun gear therefore rotate. The outside casing of the multiplier, or 'annulus' is also engaged with the planet gear teeth, and would normally rotate in the opposite direction to the sun gear. A reaction arm prevents the annulus from rotating, and this causes the planet gears to orbit around the sun. The planet gears are held in a 'planetary' carrier which also holds the output square drive. Therefore as the planet gears orbit around the sun. the carrier and so the square drive turns. Without the reaction arm to keep the annulus stationary, the output square will not apply torque.

MAHESH TORQUE MULTIPLIERS are heavy duty, used to increase the torque produced by Torque Wrenches. They are developed to meet the high torque requirements and keeping in view space restrictions in Torque Wrench applications to tightening of high tensile bolts.

Torque Multiplier are available in multiplication factors of 5:1 & 25:1. Torque Multiplier covers torque requirements from 100 kg mtr – 925 kg mtr.