Tube Cleaners

MFH Type Flexible Extension  
Used with cutter heads for curved tube application  

Tube Cleaning Tools And Equipments ( Flexible Shaft Machine )
MAHESH electrical driven flexible shaft machine is suitable for cleaning straight and curved tubes of boilers, evaporators, juice Heaters, etc.

MAHESH Flexible shaft machine is designed for operation on 400/440 volts, 3 phases A.C supply. It is self contained portable unit consisting of totally enclosed squirrel cage induction motor, mounted on a three wheeled trolley fitted with handle.

It operates with manually operated air brake starter provider with adjustable overload relay, motor adopter and 10 feet long PVC cable.

FLEXIBLE SHAFT MACHINE –Two types of machines are available:
DIRECTLY COUPLED TYPE -:  Single Speed ( 2900 RPM)
V-BEL TYPE -:  Three Speeds (1440/2880/5760 RPM).

Various H.P. rating, depending upon the size and length of the tube to be cleaned. Can be selected from below.

Heavy Duty Flexible Shaft

MAHESH Flexible Shafts are specially made for vibration free performance and continous duty in standard sizes depending on the tube I.D. These shafts can be directly coupled to the Flexible Shafts Machine by means of a threaded type, or pin type connection.

INNER CORE -: Manufactured from tested spring steel wire of high tensile strength in standard sizes of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm.

METALLIC OUTERCASING -: Round Interlock Outercasing is manufacturerd from galvanized steel material in sizes of 22mm, 26mm, 32mm and 35mm. Outercasing is provided with flat spring steel antifriction lining to obtain to obtain maximum life.

TOOL HOLDER -: Two types of tool holders are available:
PLAIN END BEARING TYPE -: Suitable For small dia straight tubes or large dia bent tubes.
BALL BEARING TYPE -: Suitable for straight tubes of I.D 40mm onwards

Various models of flexible shafts, of length upto 22 mtrs cab be selected from below

     Outercasing Machine End socket
Outercasing Tool End Socket
Inner Core Machine End Socket
Inner Core Tool End Socket

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